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  The Lady Wulfruna 

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Mistress Seren Star took on the great Lady's name in her professional titles & Design Brands for her Boutique in Wolverhampton, honouring our founding mother of Wolverhampton The Lady Wulfruna who has a special place in Mistress Seren's Heart and in her own way welcomed Miss Seren to Wolverhampton & Gave Miss Seren a home where, 1000 years ago she The Lady Wulfruna lived and her family were most crucial to the well being of  Mercia, she is granddaughter to Ethelred l , sister of Ethelred ll ( who granted her 10 hides of land at Heantune that became known as Wulfrunas Heantune later known as Wolverhampton where she went on to establish st.peters church and much more ) she is mother of AElfhelm and Wulfric spot, grandmother of AElfgifu (who married king Cnut) Lady Wulfruna is great grandmother to Harold Hare foot, many more important people in history are her relations she lived in a very harsh world controlled by viking & English men and men of the church, she stood alone and stood for so many a warrior a silent Queen we give honour and thanks to the Lady Wulfruna          ( 935 AD- 10005 AD ) Mistress Seren is Fond of many Warrior Queens of the past if you like history come along for a Medieval LARP afternoon , coffee & history chat with Mistres Seren Star  The Lady Wulfruna

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