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  • Detention session

    Behaviour & character reformation for naughty students & subs in training Student's & subs can book this more hardcore session, focusing on corporal punishment, detention session is recommended to people that are comfortable with thrashing with Implements such as the cane and hard padding, corporal punishment will be administered at a higher level of force in comparison to class time, very intense hour detention be prepared to repent of your sins confess to me and receive your rightful punishment

  • Group Session Old School Spanking Class

    Old School Spanking Group Class & Group Detention Fun Adult only Activities Costumes, Uniforms, Role play and for some remembering back in the day Join me Miss Star Lady Wulfruna and your new class friends for an afternoons educational session, where by students learn traditional subjects combined with the history of BDSM and we study our own Fetish and kinks, students are expected to follow the same strict protocols they must adhere to in 121 class/ session, any one arriving late or breaking any rules will have an immediate detention, Well behaved students can join me and the group in fun activities at recess where by students can explore equipment, get out there favourite toys, Dress up, interact and experience alternative sensations, its not all fun and games students whom misbehave especially at recess will be punished and thrashed thoroughly in front of all the group The best behaved student will be rewarded with helping teacher tidy up at the end of the day and rubbing teachers tired feet, the best behaved student will also receive a discount coupon reward for there next group or 121 class. The group Old School Spanking Class is held once a month Our group class gather for annual Students assembly and afternoon tea party every 3 months All group class meets will be advertised on my website via my blogs, subs whom are signed up and subscribed to my website will have automatic updates. I will also advertise on twitter fetlife and Instagram All correspondence must be sent to my email

  • Freaky Friday over night Special

    Freaky Friday sleep over night session, will be held at a private location in the West Midlands, you will serve me your Goddess all night submitting to all my desires you will give yourself to me willing all night and be locked in a prison cell when im done with your worthless self, you will have bathroom facilities befitting your slave status and 1 meal and you will be released at 6.00 am the next morning. ยฃ500.00 a session for 8 hours only ยฃ400.00 for my VIP Members

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  • ๐•ธ๐–Ž๐–˜๐–˜ ๐•พ๐–™๐–†๐–— ๐•ท๐–†๐–‰๐–ž ๐–‚๐–š๐–‘๐–‹ Giving you extra 30 mins on June Sessions

    Subs Im giving you a extra 30 mins on top of your sessions this June Book Online Limited spaces My usual sessions are 1 hour 30 mins long, tribute varies according to the type of session we are having, subs can book online now for a limited time only, see link for more session and tribute information, by checking out my session and tribute page, I will be giving each sub whom applies for session this June a extra 30 mins on top of the session time, and also subs whom have a June session booking booked in with me. Please note, this extra time applies to paid / tribute sessions only not competition winners Adorables have you checked your mail from me this week Everyone Whom is a subscriber of my website will have received a coupon from me to spend however they like on my gallery's, subscriptions and sessions Adorables don't Miss out !! AdorablesDiscount-23 Members use this code to have a ยฃ20.00 money off discount when you signed up to a subscription or book a online session Many thanks to everyone for Beautiful kind Birthday wishes & gifts I had a lovely Birthday Thank you to everyone wishing well from my hospital escapades, I hope all the extra care from the doctor will get me strong and ready to rumble for the year ahead Please feel welcome to email me to make arrangements to send me lunch whilst Im recovering Should your name be on the following list please look out for correspondence from me Nick Matt Ben Stu Zayn Dave Dhanu James Andy Collin David Tomas Callum Students !! Tests & Exams coming up study hard my pretties Filming Applicants please be aware I have chosen my Filming & photography subs for June but new comers may approach me to be added to my waiting list I will be sending out a news letter later this June with updates on June sessions and photography Please see my online calendar for my next session opening this can be found via my session bookings link Remember all sessions this June have a bonus 30 mins added on by your beloved Mistress Email with House maid enquires House sub / Maid applicants your chores interview days will be sent out to you in due course Adorables Enjoy a photo album I recently put together for you all Photo Album 2 for my Adorables See lots more of me the cute but evil ๐•ธ๐–Ž๐–˜๐–˜ ๐•พ๐–™๐–†๐–— ๐•ท๐–†๐–‰๐–ž ๐–‚๐–š๐–‘๐–‹๐–—๐–š๐–“๐–† Go to my content page for my Photo Albums & Video Galleries Follow me on social media Twitter Communications are down in the area lots of workmen about fixing thing it appears, Hopefully my communications will improve this week thank you for your patients Wishing you all a sunny kinky week Darlings Blessed Be Xx ๐•ธ๐–Ž๐–˜๐–˜ ๐•พ๐–™๐–†๐–— ๐•ท๐–†๐–‰๐–ž ๐–‚๐–š๐–‘๐–‹๐–—๐–š๐–“๐–†

  • ๐•ธ๐–Ž๐–˜๐–˜ ๐•พ๐–™๐–†๐–— ๐•ท๐–†๐–‰๐–ž ๐–‚๐–š๐–‘๐–‹๐–—๐–š๐–“๐–†

    Good Morrow Adorables I hope you are all doing well, many thanks to you all for your patience Ive attempted to get this blog out to you all prior to this week but have been delayed upon my return to England and any one who knows me knows when im busy with family, family must come first, Im also recovering from getting poorly, I caught germs from a doctors appointment surprise surprise busy public crowded spaces full of poorly peoples, so have been adding things to my blog as I go along bit by bit Those of you whom have a closer relationship with me will know that my private life is rather strained at the moment and therefore I have been less available to chat, post and session I visit England as often as possible to see you all for session, but my home life is back in Wales So on top of my usual life, unfortunately my papa who is really getting on now in age, he has Alzheimer's, I now have to become my papas carer and I will be having him moving in with me soon, its very worrisome to leave him unattended for long, I also look out for my auntie who is going in the same direction, life is scary and most unkind, I do not look forward to my time of these stages in life I must be honest, and Im sure for the first time ever im not alone in my thoughts as everyone must feel uncomfortable with growing more vulnerable as we get older, hey look at Gilgamesh searching for eternal life ... till he kicked the bucket If you don't know who Gilgamesh is you should attend my Classes !! Thank you to everyone whom has shown me love and understanding over my re schedules and long awaited correspondence recently Lots of LโคVE kisses little spanks and positive energies sent to you all Adorables watch this clip to hear about a opportunity to help me with some DIY Darlings you shall have to forgive my awful grotty appearance, no make up haven't seen a hair brush for several hours, just recovering from another bout of tummy bug and fever ( That darn Poorly bug it just loves to bite me ) I have also been tending my garlic carrots and potatoes and what not in my vegetable patches today as well as painting today so heck I look like a right scruff gruff Subs the help and assistance I require is very basic Painting and putting up shelfs maybe a little gardening, the assistance I need from a willing Sub to help me at a domestic property im working on, so that I have a nice comfortable place to stay when im in England for your sessions The chores are tribute free Thank you for your Labour, time and kindness whom ever gets the Job Email me with your session enquires Video Galleries update Anyone who is currently inconvenienced regarding my video galleries please be patient with me, im currently doing some website updates things will be up and running again shortly All of my fully subscribed Members will be receiving a courtesy coupon from me for this slight inconvenience, so look out in your Emails later this month adorables for your coupon to spend on any gallery on my website that you desire I can not find words to express my gratitude to you all for your continual support, kind messages and reach outs really touch my heart and I promise you every little helps, all of you that have been sending kind gestures ie gift cards, dinners, tributes towards my upkeep, Thank you so very much, and thank you again everyone for re twitting / sharing my pre scheduled and live posts on social media, from the bottom of my heart Thank you, what may seem a small thing to you pressing a button to re tweet re post really helps push and promote my Fetish services and naturally in these difficult financial times all your gifts that you send me no matter how big or small all these things go along way โค Some of you reading this are brand new to " me " and my website, you may not know much about me, what I cover in session and may not have yet met me in person, so heres a little back ground for you dears Firstly I will point out the obvious that I am a dyslexic and have always been, so should my spellings ect be off I can only apologise and appreciate your time in reading my posts and my website which I built all on my own with no computer or website making education, To the random nasty people who tend to message and insult me about this.. I suggest well firstly you get a life a job something, if you have so much time on your hands and then you do everything I have done and do, then and only then do you have the right to booo mee and insult my website, but those nasty people seem to be the sort that wouldn't say it to my face only hiding as key board warriors or should I say keyboard wankers, who wouldn't have a clue how to build a website, wouldn't bother to try and would most likely hire a professional ... spineless in my opinion Moving along As you are aware My Fem Dom title is Miss Star Lady Wulfruna Im Known as Ren to my inner circle ( subs are certainly not permitted to address me as Ren ) Im currently 35 years young I will be 36 next week on the 16th of May I think so anyway, but I do keep wondering If im 37 nope quite sure im turning 36 ๐Ÿค” ( 16th May 1987 please do feel welcome to confirm for me how old I am ) Please feel welcome to send me Birthday messages and should you desire to spoil me you are so welcome to send me Birthday gift cards please send gift card codes and Birthday messages to my email address Im of Lithuanian/polish and Italian descent, My family came to Britain after WW2 I was raised in wales and for a short time a little in England, later on in life, I started working vanilla style in England for a while as an adult and have a few kinky & vanilla friends dotted around, most Kink events I attend or host are in and around the Midlands, Wiltshire and London, I currently hold my professional Fem Domination fetish sessions in the West Midlands I do hold sessions outside of Britain should you wish to ask me to visit your city Im hoping to visit Poland over the next 12 months and invite you to join me for sessions should you be living in / near that part of Europe, provided things are safer by then ( I stand with Ukraine ) I was planning to travel sooner but home life circumstances changed and things are difficult in Europe right now as we all Know and naturally like everyone else my heart breaks for our brothers and sisters on both sides of this cruel war I rarely session in wales now as I no longer have a space there and few subs there too in all honesty these days, so please join me in the midlands should you wish to see me or invite me to a venue should you like me to session with you back home in Wales I have a Medieval fetish and I adore LARP live re enactment Hands up I adore to administer corporal punishment to naughty ill behaved boys and girls I have been developing my fetish and BDSM interests gradually since adolescence, I would experiment without even realising on my husband, Everything really from Pissing on his face to sticking my fingers up his arse, I found I like to tie him up and Dominate him just as much as I enjoyed offering myself up in submission, I do enjoy power exchange immensely, But there was a lot of BDSM and fetish elements my hubby could not handle " we all have hard limits " So I went off on a journey of fetish exploration over the past 15 - 18 years with gentlemen & Lady subs whom were willing and interested in furthering my skills and education and their own experiences through alt sensation exploration joining my servitude as my sub missives. Admittedly a lot of what we do in session is role play but believe me darlings obedience in session, classes, detention extra curriculum and over all BDSM Fem Domination led relationship is no game to me Play about too much I will play with your balls your ass and my favourite toy " The Cane " Ive been working as a professional Dom now for around 6 years Prior to this Ive struggled over the years to find teachers, Ive attempted submission to dominates to gain skills but I will tell you adorables this has not been easy for me and ive had some quite nasty experiences over the years by the hands of abusive personalities taking advantage in place of said actual education and training that I was supposed to be receiving, so ive been going at it alone most of the time self learning self teaching mostly learning from my own mistakes and some hilarious and sometimes embarrassing moments, But the abusive personalities are out there darlings they come in all forms, this is why im so harsh and persistent on you all about safety and standing up for yourselves your hard limits & morals, my advice really examine the situation, don't think with your fantasy mind frame, think with your safety cap on, enquire about consultations, a decent Dom will understand a person requesting a simple consultation to develop trust and understanding about each other, your preferences and hard limits, This is never always going to show a persons true nature nor can it really discover if a person is dangerous or will become a danger, but it certainly helps some, this applies to both subs and Doms everyone needs to be safe. Now as time goes by should you notice the behaviour of said Dom or on the other foot a sub becoming inappropriate please see these flags and get out of the situation, just clear your energy sphere of that person and end your relationship, you see not every person is emotionally equipped to notice these flags before its too late, maybe you have had a difficult background and you struggle to stand up for yourself, maybe you feel powerless stuck in the circumstances and are vulnerable therefore a target for abuse and exploitation, its ok its appsaluty not your fault but you must have your guard up boys and girls, subs and fellow fetish workers alike, limits are set, rules are set, guide lines are set, the moment these are broken corruption as entered the relationship and the energy sphere, In all walks of life we meet abusive people, Tis a delight to them to harm you physically but a feast for them to harm you psychologically, Some narcissists see themselves as Alpha when Infact they are just a bully, Unfourtunitly in a world of Narcissists, Ive found that Not all Doms have the inner Discipline that we would presume, and its not always Doms any one in any place but regarding this subject particularly adult industry can be dangerous for workers and models as well as customers/ subs, not everyone is as genuine as they want to make out, a lot of people are out for their own greedy shenanigans and attempt to change the script or pressure vulnerable or unknowing people into their wicked wanting's, when your under the impression the situation is not the case we can get caught up completely on accident, it could be anyone that you least expect anyone, a sub with bad intentions, a pro or lifestyle Dom with bad intentions, dungeon owner club owner taking advantage, even down to pervy and deceitful photographers and producers, Ive encountered them all over the years these people are greedy energy vampires with no self discipline Now you know or if your new to me you will get to Know how I feel about Self Discipline, say it with me dears " Discipline is the key to order " We need Discipline to harness the chaos all around us in order to form stability and recycle that chaotic energy into productivity and self progression for ones own ascension Take all of what hurts and make it your armour I do not believe in degrading and humiliating our men folk ( outside of a consenting requested session naturally ) and even then I have my limits, I respect our men and I fully appreciate what you all do to ensure and hold up the structures and safety of our society, I believe we should support our men, these are the same men who are out there on the front line for us all, men facing danger for the sake of women and children, soldiers policemen firemen yes, the men that die building and engineering the physical structures of our city's and planet, dying whilst working dangerously at getting or searching for the resources humanity depend on, don't take this the wrong way ladies, you know you call for a male every time you see a spider, cant open a Jar oh and when your in danger is it not a man that protects you and puts his life on the line, Yes obviously we have strong women heck im one of them, but I do not appreciate the shit way our men are treated in modern times, their self esteem knocked, attacked for being a traditional gentlemen and gets accused of toxic masculinity why, because he has traditional values, and wants a traditional Lady, not some modern times woman, who instead of dropping a handkerchief to see if a gent is interested, she drops her flipping knickers instead, or the more aggressive types that think they can approach a male like a male in some kind of confrontation, physically assault him but expects to be treated like a lady when he hits back, Yes that's right hits back, why should he be assaulted, I appreciate biology a male being physically stronger then female ( the majority ) BUT it works both ways, he would get arrested if he hit the women first right, so what if he now defends himself, ooooush trigger much for some, step out of the building if you cant handle my blunt rawaty ( yes another Mistress made up new word Rawaty ) I think modern women are literally crushing our menfolk these days, Women of previous generations fought so hard for women's rights, not for women to complain about a traditional gent opening a door for them, Not for women to complain about cooking dinner when she needs to eat anyway or washing clothes when she needs clean clothes too, silly divorces these days no common sense or loyalty, so our average bachelor male hes an ordinary guy, his wage may be small but his heart would most likely be huge, he would die to protect you, walking along one day some baddys come he defends himself and his Lady, not JUST leave it all to rich solicitors to deal with after someone got hurt, or its tooo late, well we don't care about the baddys getting hurt do we, the average man is most likely to be most loyal to you, he is humble in his circumstances, yet he gets overlooked and not even considered for a date or courtship because he doesn't have an amazing sports car bla bla bla he has normal wages a normal job a normal existence, and expects to have a traditional woman or at least a reasonable women, not a over the top self entitled brat, who would not appreciate a gent paying for a meal out his hard earned wages at some basic food establishment, or maybe his gifts aren't snazzy enough to show off online to their frenemys on fakebook, so she doesn't wanna date him .. or should we just say in modern times Fuck him, as no one seems to know what courting is any more, maybe she will Fuck him but move on to the next " wealthier " guy asap So why should he keep up that nonsense spending and hoping every pay day, that seems to be the way Unfourtunitly these days, Maybe These women hate men I don't know, Its like they expect a Man to literally be rich from leaving high school, it doesn't seem to be about building a life and fortune " together " anymore with ambitions and shared goals and interests, the ones that do shack up don't seem to last, self entitled women seem to expect males just be born knowing everything and expect they can do everything, super man, and visa verses if the shoe is on the other foot, but currently on topic of how males seem to be treated in modern times I will be focusing on that right now, so hey if hes a carpenter how can you expect him to fix the plumbing or electrics, so be realistic and leave the breaking balls for the bedroom Girls, if that's his cup of tea, or ask one of your thousands of male friends on your Instagram only fans and all that other shit where you show off all your cookies for free, or a more purposeful reason to flash a bit " payment " if you have any sense but most just give that out for free these days, yet make a guy pay out constantly from his hard earned wages that as a gent hes trying to treat you well, with all this fake dating, no intentions of becoming serious, keeping your options open, could cause you to loose MR RIGHT WHEN HES RIGHT INFRONT OF YOU, none sincere meets, and waste of time correspondence leading to no where, how many nice women might he get to consider if he doesn't have a gold digger stringing him along, for seeing their bits, companionship some physical affection, sex or a hopeful relationship If your a women that thinks your heman Conan the barbarian or flipping terminator and can do anything don't need a man, or maybe you think you are a Kardashian or a super star model bla bla bla then stop reading right now, this is not for you there's no help for you unrealistic bitches ! Boys If you want to spend money on your woman if you can spend money on your woman great, just ask yourself would she be around if you didn't, should you become ill and need her to have your back would she take care of you like you do for her, just something for you to consider should you be currently feeling your being taking for a mug, Im not suggesting she should have to have sex with you when courting / dating in the early stages, but is she putting in the mental and emotional energy to build a trusting future with you, more guys seem to be single these days, not in a single I don't do relationships only sex situation or sleeping / cheating around ( that I personally don't approve of ) Its because he cant get a Lady to talk to him let alone build a relationship They all seem to go on like they think they are too good too high class bla bla bla and he is made to feel less then or inadequate because some dum tart with a diabolical body count thinks she should get to and wants to marry a millionaire wake up love !! Im so happy for you all to comment and give your opinion my subs benefit from my points of view when they try out my methods, maybe you could to dear followers Haters im seriously not afraid of backlash please go ahead and share your opinion I hold my sessions not only because I enjoy alternative sensation exploration and power exchange but also so that I can provide our boys and girls with a safe play space with a Lady " Me " that really enjoys various role play BDSM activities with my own genuine fetish and Kinks, Its not easy expressing ones fets & kinks to new partners, Should you have a subby or Dom nature you may have hidden your fetish nature ( we all have at some point dears ) but maybe your current partner doesn't know or share that part of your interests, they may have health issues so can not take part, perhaps you don't want to have to change that after a long relationship due to commitments to wider family, fear of separation, so maybe you like a pro dominatrix or pro sub as a experience out of the blew or long term sessions, an isolated private professional meet, or maybe you want to have a Dominate partner but cant find one, whatever your kink interests, I know the importance of self nurture, a humans need to let go of the stress from every day life, our private every day mental battles and responsibilities, how we self nurture is very individual, no one person is the same as the next regarding Fetish or other interests, we are all unique, is that not one of the many beauty's of earthlings. Whatever our interests we all deserve to be treated with respect and should be free of exploitation I hope any time gentlemen or ladies spend with me will help them grow into a stronger individual After meeting some horrible males and females on the adult industry scene over the years, Im so glad that in the past couple of recent years ive had the privilege of meeting some of the most amazing female Dominates I could have imagined ever having the honour of meeting and spending time with at events and for some skill training now and again, I haven't had this opportunity much but the few encounters will be treasured and my respect for these ladies is eternal, these amazing genuine talented women have re inspired me to get back into education as well as Fetish sessions after some very difficult situations over the years its not been easy to come back to things, Thanks to these few beautiful talented and genuine female Doms I am even considering submission again for the purposes of further BDSM education, but this time I will only serve a female, im officially put off Male Doms for life to be completely honest, a bully should not be confused with Alpha and unfortunately ive seen a lack of the latter and more of the bully in a lot of males ive encountered on " the scene " and im vary wary of male subs whom may attempt to top from the bottom, be assured I will chop you the second I feel you have stepped out of place, I am a dominatrix after all and your consenting to this power exchange our consultation will set out guidelines and hard limits Im not evil or cruel Im kind but firm Im most defiantly not your tooth fairy !! I would sooner give my time to a genuine sub male and help him develop the characteristics of a strong and fair Alpha and send him out prepared to take on the world for the greater good of all I'm very primal I will sniff you I have a wolf spirit & I try hard to only feed the good wolf within me and keep the bad one at bay I try to embrace my Seelie roots and try to be a forgiving helpful earth Goddess We may have fell from the heavens but I have not forgotten where we come from Your all welcome to visit me at my Seelie Court, Please note .. bad goblins will be punished A little more about Mistress I love Jazz Im a massive Jimmie Noone fan and 1950s Rock n Roll Little Richard, Elvis, Jerry lee are some of my favs I was brought up on fleet wood mac ( I would drink dead man's blood to meet Stevie nicks ) Peggy lee, Ella Fitzgerald, Kate bush, Cyndi Lauper, The runaways, Joan Jett & Blondie are my medicine Massive thanks to a long term sub whom recently purchased me the kind gift of Fleetwood mac album, we will just call him the rolling stone for identity protection thanks so much darling I'm also a Wife & Mother I have a vanilla job as well as my kink work ( so very busy kinky working Lady) I'm a good listener but a better talker... I'm a designer Im a dyslexic Im a sister to those whom will be true to me A cat lover & owner Shibari, reading music & the woodlands are my meditation My special talent ... I grow potatoes Im also back in secular education this year ๐Ÿ˜ฌ As im about to spend the next 5 years of my life training to become a embalmer I get along with dead people far better then the living !! I believe BDSM brings us self progression through Discipline establishing order and stability I am a Victorian style disciplinarian, corporal punishment plays a large role in my methods for reformation of character ( consenting only ) My other methods are top secret you will have to spend time with me to learn more I will only see subs with good etiquette whom respect the protocols within this lifestyle and fem- domination foundation based sessions & classes that I hold. Should you wish to see me for my Goddess Worship Ceremonies I would expect the same upmost respect from you & the rules to be followed as in session. I will never disrespect you and I expect the same in return Respect is key to serving me Please enjoy a look over my kink list Things I cover in session my kink List keeps growing Fem-domination Power Exchange Disciplinary Authoritarian Corporal punishment Role Play Nurse / Doctor Agent Ren Interrogator Sister Seren (Punisher Nun) Head Mistress / Teacher 1950's House wife1900's Victorian Medieval Viking Pet Play Primal Play Foot & Boot Worship Pedicures Body Worship Queening Humiliation Objectification Interrogation Fetish wear Fetish Masks Costume Confinement Cages Bondage Chasity Restraints Tie & Tease Shackles Spreader Bars Traditional Stocks Hand & Ankle Cuffs Collar & Leash Chain Bondage Shibari/Rope Bondage Suspension Mummification Vac Play Spank Bench Torture Chair CBT Cock Bondage Breath Play Foot Play Ball-Busting Trampling Water Sports Water/Custard Boarding Food Play/Sploshing Victorian Croquet Burnt at the Stake Hung at Gallows Crucifixion/St Andrews Cross Priestess Sacrifice Mothering/Nurturing Medical Fun Needles ( as double Dom only, im in needle training) Clinical Chastity Enema Douche Electro Stimulation Violet Wand Speculum Sounding Finger Nail insertion Anal Examination Prostate Massage Milking Machines Smoking Fetish Voyeurism Exhibition Alternate Sensations Lactation Preparation Nipple Torture Wax Play Pin Wheels Nettles Stocking Nylons Latex Leather Rubber PVC Sweat Hair Cock & Ass Milking Breast Milking Vibrations Edging forced Climax Anal Play Plugs Tails Anal Hook Strap on Dildos Vibrators Fingers Gloves Figging Oviposition (Alien Eggs) Sensory Deprivation Blind Folds Gags Slapping Spitting Pinching Scratching Punching Kicking Wrestling Hair pulling Spanking Paddling Flogging Canning Whipping Slippering Bible Studies (Repenting) Ive put together a Little photo Album for you Adorables I hope you will like it Album 1 look out for album two coming up on my next blog Session updates Next week I will be seeing Subs whom are pre booked to see me in England long awaited appointments due to changes in my Schedule or theirs, some weather related cancelations too, cant be helped, my poorly bout didn't help did it lads, previous booked in subs please look out for emails from me over the next few days and as you all know im happy to rearrange for genuine subs whom may need to reshedule an appointment, My previously booked and long term loyal Subs will always be my priority over new comers understandably. The following week I can see new comers though so no need to get all disappointed dears Please be aware we will have a brief consultation prior to session for safety This โ€œ May โ€œ I will be holding sessions in Walsall and Wolverhampton West Midlands See below my next session openings and inform me to which is most suitable to you Monday 22nd May 12.00pm Monday 22nd May 15.00pm Monday 22nd May 18.00pm Tuesday 23rd May 12.00pm Tuesday 23rd May 14.00pm Tuesday 23rd May 18.00pm Friday 26th May 14.00pm Friday 26th May 16.00pm Friday 26th May 18.00pm Please be prepared to send over your upfront deposit of ยฃ100.00 for you to secure your Booking with me, some subs may have noticed I am now taking a bigger deposit upfront, this is due to many so called subs messing around with bookings and no shows, I travel to England for these meets its very unkind of them to mess me about, once I can trust you are genuine and going to show up to the session I will not expect such a large deposit in future, but any new comers you will be required to send ยฃ100.00 deposit, the tribute remainder may be brought in as cash on the day or feel welcome to send in full upfront via bank transfer. My Standard week day sessions are Old School Spanking Class & Detentions these are 1 hour 30 mins long tribute of ยฃ150.00 longer sessions can be arranged any other form of BDSM Session will be from 2 hours ยฃ250.00 longer sessions can be arranged Email me with your session enquires Full session details available on my sessions & tribute information page Adorables Should you desire to Follow me on social media please see my account usernames below Follow me on Instagram Adorablesโ€ฆ My fetlife username is @MissStarLadyWulf My Twitter username is @MissSerenStar Adorables wont have to miss a update or post by following me on all my social media and gives you opptunity to re tweet share my posts and help me promote my fetish services I will add that ive been informed of a fraudster stealing my photos and making a fake account you may have seen my posts about it on Instagram and twitter Please send me any fraudulent things you see out there so I can get them reported Thank you again to the gent that brought this recent Scammer to my attention Events update Event goers you will have a event post coming out soon via my blog and fetlife and as always please feel welcome to invite me to your events or an event you are attending The upcoming June - July meet I was hoping to arrange, will potentially be posted by The Facility as well as myself as for some unknown reason when I attempted to post the event on fetlife, fetlife would not allow me to, again I have no idea as to why or what was " wrong " with the post Before I sign off from todays blog I would just like to give a shout out to Sub and dear friend " Andy " whom is currently in Hospital I love you Andy darling and I will never forget your love and kindness to me over the years nor the beauty of your bottom after a lovely spanking session and I look forward to seeing you soon when I come to visit you, hope there is lots of sexy nurses attending you my dear, Im sure everyone reading this whom has come to know you or just a fellow earth brother or sister reading my blog will appreciate me saying we all wish you well Slave Andy and a speedy recovery so that you no longer have to suffer in pain my friend Andy and I on our adventures Andy cleaning the Facility Kitchen Adorables ๐Ÿ˜˜ Please enjoy some free videos from me to watch at your own leisure Dear new comers I will inform you I have been getting involved with a little amateur and homemade Content this past year or so, also met up with one or two other professionals for a little filming, once I have got used to things with my recent home circumstances, Im hoping to do more professional filming in future, but with busy schedule not so easy, I do spend a lot of time in my in person and online sessions, Due to privacy and identity of my subs and privacy of my intermate professional sessions, I do not film or take pics often, so most of my filming so far I have done alone with my house subs and fetish friends whom are comfortable on camera and like getting there kink on with me, This year im meeting up with a new group of Filming subs some have more filming experience then others, that doesn't bother me, nor does age as providing applicants are over 21 and consenting and as long as everyone is prepared to bend over and take a good thrashing, throw on a Victorian costume and have a good time As previously mentioned in my blog today my galleries are going through some tech updates so Subs will have to be patient for a few days, everyone will be receiving a courtesy coupon from me for this slight inconvenience, so look out in your Emails later this month adorables for yours to spend on any gallery on my website that you desire Filming days Filming Applicants wishing to assist me as a filming sub in fetish content Darlings I have selected the Ladies & gentlemen to whom I shall be doing fetish film & photography with this spring & summer But please do feel welcome to apply for my waiting list Filming days consist of 2 - 3 hours ยฃ80.00 upfront tribute required dears I do expect all filming applicants to have a tolerance for harsh corporal punishment I will administer the use of Canes, paddles floggers and various sadistic implements Filming Applicants must be over 21 and prepared to show ID and sign consent forms Filming Applicants are also required to have a consultation with me prior to filming & photography day for safety purposes and are required to bend over and take a good thrashing, throw on a Victorian costume and have a good time Deviants !! If you are not already enrolled onto my 121 in person Old School Spanking Class, if you cannot attend in person class / sessions but would like to join my online 121 virtual class, Apply for my 121 teacher / student online Daily Deviants Class now Im excepting new students from June don't dilly dally spaces will fill quickly Students Home work packs will be available again from June for new comers Students make sure you study hard for your upcoming tests don't disappoint me !! Wishing you all a faboulose kinky weekend Thank you Adorables for reading my Blog / newsletter Blessed be Xx ๐•ธ๐–Ž๐–˜๐–˜ ๐•พ๐–™๐–†๐–— ๐•ท๐–†๐–‰๐–ž ๐–‚๐–š๐–‘๐–‹๐–—๐–š๐–“๐–†

  • ๐•ธ๐–Ž๐–˜๐–˜ ๐•พ๐–™๐–†๐–— ๐•ท๐–†๐–‰๐–ž ๐–‚๐–š๐–‘๐–‹๐–—๐–š๐–“๐–†

    Hello Adorables I do hope you are keeping well and keeping it kinky Those of you whom are not making enough effort to explore your fets & kinks those whom are slacking in making progression on their BDSM journey, I yours truly Miss Seren Star Lady Wulf, I am so happy to bring you deliverance from your bone idol ways, I will be thrilled to administer my instruments of Reformation my passion for discipline and my desire for punishing the wicked out of you, ensuring you most certainly will be keeping it kinky from now on ! Join me for Fem Domination Sessions & Fetish Events this April - Dec 2023 ๐•ธ๐–Ž๐–˜๐–™๐–—๐–Š๐–˜๐–˜ ๐•พ๐–Š๐–—๐–Š๐–“ ๐•พ๐–™๐–†๐–— ๐•ท๐–†๐–‰๐–ž ๐–‚๐–š๐–‘๐–‹ โ€‹ โ€‹ Independent Dominatrix Old School Disciplinarian Victorian & Medieval fetish role play Fem domination sessions Fetish filming & photography based in West Midlands UK touring Europe 2024 Class is in session don't be late or I will administer you a thrashing ! I will not for fall for your lies & waffle ... If it walks like a Duck talks like a Duck it most certainly is not a Duck you get the point ! Come to class more often and you will learn to become a better version of your current lazy little self, I like hard work in class, detention, session and over all servitude. Sloth like cretins will be punished to my discretion Attending Miss Star's School Of Reformation is just what the doctor ordered, good traditional Discipline for my Daily Deviants Discipline is the ๐Ÿ— Key to Order Harness the Chaos recycle the energy into Positive Productivity Reforming yourself into a betterย youย tomorrow Join me week days Miss Star's School Of Reformation Old School Spanking Class Old School Spanking Class Week days from 12.00pm ( in person session ) Classes held in West Midlands March - April email to apply Miss Star's School Of Reformation Join me week days for my Daily deviant online class / session Daily Deviants class Week days from 10.30am ( Online Session ) email to apply Detention for poorly behaved Students !! Detention ๐Ÿ”” 121 detention sessions every week day from 15.00pm ( in person sessions ) Contact me for your behaviour reformation ยฃ50.00 Deposit upfront Send via bank transfer ( ask via email for details ) OR send amazon gift code send all gift codes & enquiries to my email Students beware should your behaviour be of great concern to me, should I decide you are failing in class and sub training, I will to my own discretion have you visit my chambers long after school hours, making detention after class seem like a holiday Communications between you and I seem to be more affective long after school hours NO INTERUPTIONS WHILST I EDUCATE YOU STARTING WITH FOLLOWING MY INSTUCTIONS This Cretin had better start following my orders or he will find himself in my students reformation clinic, my disciplinary, character reforming, devices, methods and treatments are endless as is the behaviour exploration and research of these undesirable deviants. Corporal punishment is certainly my recommendation, this along with a letter sent home to your parents, explaining your misdemeanours DONT BE A DOO DOO Keep up with school schedule April Daily Deviants Class online session 10.30am ( Daily Deviants 121 online 10.30am - 11.00am ) Old School Spanking Class in person session 12.00pm ( Old School Spanking Class 121 12.00pm - 13.30pm ) Students Afternoon reading group begins 14.00pm ( in person and online reading group meets ) Don't be late for Detention 15.00pm sharp ( Detention is 121 for 1 hour ) My April Sessions are held at the Facility studios in the West Midlands May Daily Deviants Class online session 10.30am ( Daily Deviants 121 online 10.30am - 11.00am ) Old School Spanking Class in person session 12.00pm ( Old School Spanking Class 121 12.00pm - 13.30pm ) Students Afternoon reading group begins 14.00pm ( in person and online reading group meets ) Don't be late for Detention 15.00pm sharp ( Detention is 121 for 1 hour ) Evening Old School Spanking Class from 19.00pm ( in person 121 class 19.00pm - 20.30pm ) My May Sessions are held at the Facility studios in the West Midlands June Daily Deviants Class online session 10.30am ( Daily Deviants 121 online 10.30am - 11.00am ) Old School Spanking Class in person session 12.00pm ( Old School Spanking Class 121 12.00pm - 13.30pm ) Students Afternoon reading group begins 14.00pm ( in person and online reading group meets ) Don't be late for Detention 15.00pm sharp ( Detention is 121 for 1 hour ) Evening Old School Spanking Class from 19.00pm ( in person 121 class 19.00pm - 20.30pm ) Evening after school hours session from 21.00pm ( 121 after school hours session 21.00pm - 22.30pm ) My June Sessions location will be posted later this spring This month ( April ) I'm holding sessions in West Midlands UK Day time only sessions at The Facility Studios 11.00am - 19.00pm Email with your enquiries Sign up to my website Students please note ๐Ÿ”” Should you require a double dose of punishment you can email me to attend a Double Dom Session, That's two wonderfully wicked Female dominants destroying and reforming you, Myself along side another professional Dominatrix, teaching and training you in class or detention session, in person sessions, West Midlands United Kingdom Contact me in advance for these arrangements to be organised via email Students you may also wish to invite me to punish your wrongdoings along side your own wonderfully wicked Mistress or Master, I would be very happy to attend your Double Dom session to be served along side your owner, send me invites via email including contact details for your Dominant I may decide I want you to Kneel before me in the Library Come on lets study together I may call you over to my chambers and should i consider taking you from behind you will submit your slut hole to me My Wolverhampton 121 classes, detentions and sub training sessions will be open this June Limited spaces ๐Ÿ”” Email to secure one of limited bookings So what should you expect when contacting me with session enquires ๐Ÿ”” Once I receive an email from you, I will ask you a few questions to make sure you and I can go ahead with the session ie Do we share interests, is the type of session your asking for something I cover, I will enquire of your Hard limits and inform you that on our first meet we will have a consultation to discuss your background and experience kinks fets and hard limits in detail, ( after our fist meet a consultation is no longer necessary ) following this We will discuss your session, the session length and tribute requirements I will then go on to give you bank details for your upfront ยฃ50.00 or depending on length of session ยฃ100.00 Session deposit from your session tribute, once I can confirm I have received your deposit, I will inform you of this and inform you that you have secured a booking with me this month. Following this we will then agree upon a mutual day to have your first session with me, I will also send you session rules and instructions For example I require students / subs to attend session wearing smart black clothing and shoes typical BDSM Black unless I have said other wise changing facility's available should you need to change into or out of black clothing I also require you to shave or trim genitailia This is to prevent any snagging on ropes chastity's ect Recommend you bring along your wash bag ( in case of play getting dirty which it probably will ) Shower facility's available I will then give you the commercial venue address or private domestic setting address where you will attend and serve me in session The session can always be rearranged should you have any issues and need to cancel, provided the next appointment is within 8 week period Where ever I am I am always watching you ! As a professional and lifestyle Dominatrix I see Subs in commercial Dungeon venues as well as private settings around Britain, I will be going on tour around Europe so please feel welcome to book in advance. Are you ready to submit ? I hold my sessions discreetly, you will have to make the effort to reach out & show me you are genuine, I will see you by appointment only, I will only see subs with good etiquette, I do not offer sexual services, My hard limits are scat, age and race play Should you fail to comply or comprehend and understand my rules and protocols, should you struggle to get to grips with your fate as a student under my supervision reforming your vile little self, I will fill your filthy arse hole, I will fuck you hard and deep right in your guts and you will begin to get the message, inch by inch, thrust by thrust, as I stretch and destroy your wicked little bussy ! Go stand in the corner and think about your wrongness Im gonna thrash you so good !! Old school spanking class Detention Sessions Sub training sessions West Midlands, Wiltshire & Wales UK April - September 2023 Who's next for my delicious afternoons play time ?? Adorables you can see lots more of me on my website Take a look and see what interests you let me know via email or chat box on my website and I can get you subscribed and Enjoying more about yours truly ๐•ธ๐–Ž๐–˜๐–˜ ๐•พ๐–™๐–†๐–— ๐•ท๐–†๐–‰๐–ž ๐–‚๐–š๐–‘๐–‹๐–—๐–š๐–“๐–† Have a look at these useful links Enjoy my photo albums, video galleries, blog updates free & paid memberships Serve me in session today Email Look over my session information Follow me on twitter Follow me on Instagram Catch up on my previous blogs ๐Ÿ”” No need to miss out Submissive Ladies & Gents you are welcome to apply to serve me in the West Midlands 2023 News Letter January 2023 Session updates & More Missed my update ? No problem see link for info Sign in or sign up There are 720 hours in April What will you do with yours ? Book your session with me today spend a hour or so indulging in your fetish needs nurturing your self Adults need some play time to ๐Ÿ˜ˆ Sessions are open for April LIMITED SPACES I will only see subs with good etiquette, undesirable characteristics will not be tolerated Deposit upfront West Midlands Detention awaits you, I will be happy to administer your punishments and reform your character I hold in person & online Detention sessions Join me for morning coffee Virtual / video calls Send ยฃ30.00 Amazon or Etsy gift card Email with enquires Hope you will enjoy this video compilation please sign up to my website for more Members should you have any issues online with subscriptions or anything else on my website, just email me and I will get you subscribed manually, I will have some website tech happening this month so please reach out if there are any problems with your visit to my website Hope you enjoy all the pics and vids I have shared with Adorables today I look forward to seeing you in session this April - May ๐•ธ๐–Ž๐–˜๐–˜ ๐•พ๐–™๐–†๐–— ๐•ท๐–†๐–‰๐–ž ๐–‚๐–š๐–‘๐–‹๐–—๐–š๐–“๐–†

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    Welcome to my website Thank you everyone for all your support Thank you all for your Positive energy Please enjoy my free Photo albums Jump deeper into the rabbit hole and come into my world Mistress Seren Star Lady Wulfruna Maybe if your lucky i will have us play Medieval Queens & courtiers instead and you can worship my royal toes Seren Star Enterprises Lady Wulf Productions Mistress Seren Star Lady Wulfruna Don't make me cross Did someone call for a nurse I wonder what we will do today maybe a game of hide & seek But be careful for should i catch you I will put a spell on you ... then your mine You may wake up in one of my confinement holds.... or down the local dungeon Then your ass is mine Bitch Mistress Seren Star Mistress Seren Star Mistress Bedlam Please enjoy my free Photo albums Mistress Seren Star Lady Wulfruna Please enjoy my free Photo albums thanks for looking through my free Photo Albums & Clip Collections Mistress Seren Star Lady Wulfruna FREE PHOTO'S & CLIP'S GALLERIES